First planning consultation

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Jack Strickland
Published June 06
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Successful completion of the first major milestone in the planning process, with genuinely positive signals from the local community

From the 20th April through to Wednesday 4th May the public consultation for the HOP Bedfordshire plans was held, incorporating two drop-in events in the local area at Stewartby United Church and Bedford Corn Exchange.

The HOP team were in attendance at both, chatting to local people and listening to their thoughts on the scheme. The events were overwhelmingly positive, with our planning consultant remarking that it is rare to field so few genuine challenges.

“From over 200 responses contributed as part of the consultation 89% were supporting the HOP vision for Bedfordshire. ”

From the total of over 200 formal responses through the planning website, 89% were positive - Providing a major indication both that the masterplan is a thoughtful and appealing one, but also that the majority of locals are receptive to the scheme as one that offers vast potential for positive impact in the area.

The feedback will be reviewed through May and June, with the second public consultation running from the 29th June until the 13th July.

Our team loved taking the opportunity to engage with the community in which our studio will take shape, and are excited to do so again. As part of our learning from the whole experience we are working on a ‘You said, we did’ paper with more on this coming soon…