Next generation film studios FOR PRODUCERS BY PRODUCERS

HOP will build on the UK’s reputation as a destination for world–class filmmaking. Designed by producers, HOP studios are built for efficient production workflows. Large scale productions can hit the ground running from day one. On-site workshops, equipment and craft services revolve around your production and crew’s needs.

HOP bedfordshire

The Site, Facilities and Services

Total footprint
1,587,006 sq.ft
422,850 sq.ft
Sound stages
471,200 sq.ft
Production & buildings
350,536 sq.ft
Backlot area
304,920 sq.ft
Solar panels / battery storage
412,045 sq.ft
Transport hub
4,122 sq.ft
VIP / Executive enclave
Screening Rooms
Faith rooms
Full production on-site support services

Studio DNA




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HOP provides a single source for film and television production. Workflow efficiency, COVID management and easy to access essential support services (from on site equipment hire to child supervision) are designed to produce positive impacts on work and life for cast and crew.

Site rendering


Festival de Cannes logo

HOP goes to Cannes, and finds it turning green…

HOP visited the famous and star-studded film festival to spread the word on our fresh new approach to studio development. Whilst discussing our work with producers and studio executives, Katya Baker discovered sustainability at the top of many agendas.

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Tackling the skills shortage in the industry

The film and television production industry is facing the looming spectre of a major skills shortage during a boom period for projects. As part of our plans the HOP team are working hard to offer education and employment opportunities in Central Bedfordshire, to play our part in tackling this.

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Planning permission approved

At the Central Bedfordshire Development Management Committee (DMC) meeting on the 23rd August, planning approval was granted for the plans at our Quest Pit site. We are therefore entering the next phase of the development process for HOP Bedfordshire. 

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